Altenvogtshof Freiburg


The city situated in the southwest corner of Germany offers some interesting things and events. In the historic Old City the eventful history of the city of Freiburg which was founded in 1120 can be experienced when walking through the city.

Here you will realize the typical Freiburg atmosphere, a certain mixture of cosmopolitism determined by the long-lasting traditions of a university town with nearly 30 000 students, - and a certain cozyness. Near-by France is greeting you! The style of living is rather relaxed and highly pleasurable.

The near-by mountains of Black forest, in particular Freiburgs Own Moutain (Hausberg) Schauinsland, within a short distance of a few km, 1284 m tall, invite you to make an excursion. And the Black Forest Mountains give you the reward of a fantastic view over to the Alps.

But there are also in the city green spaces and some nice little lakes invite you to stay.